Charity / Non-Profit Fundraising

The Jive and Wail is a great venue for a fundraiser.

“On behalf of all of the members of the St. Louis Music Therapy Association, we wish to thank you so much for your generosity to us. We all had a good time and are very thankful for your efforts in helping us raise funds to further professional music therapy services to our community.” -Catherine Decker, St. Louis Music Therapy Association

“The entertainment was excellent and the show was very fun.  We were able to raise over $33,000.00 in one night at this event.  It was a good venue and very reasonable expense-wise.” -Bridget Foley, Charity Event Director, Center for Hearing and Speech

“Everything was great from management to staff.  The set up and how they took control of the event made it well worth the time and we didn’t have to provide the volunteers to do everything and they took over so much of the work that needed to be done.” -Chris Scarpinato, Shop Steward, Crestwood F.D., Political Action Assistant, Local 2665.  (I.A.F.F. Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri)

 We have been proud to host fundraiser events in support of the following charities:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Toys for Tots
  • The Adoption Exchange
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Ryan Hummert Foundation
  • Delta Gamma Center
  • Center for Hearing and Speech
  • YMCA
  • Community Alternatives
  • The Spanish Club of Logan College
  • St. Louis Music Therapy Association
  • and more!

We also can help you design flyers, emails and social media campaigns for your event:

For information on how your charity can raise funds with The Jive and Wail, please fill out our contact form today.

David Law plays at Jive and Wail

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