Dueling Pianos St. Louis

The Jive & Wail is a Dueling Piano Bar and Live Entertainment venue.

Jive and Wail Horizontal 4Dueling Pianos is a style of live entertainment which has been around for decades but has enjoyed a great resurgence since the 1980s.

Dueling Pianos is often referred to as sing-along-entertainment because the entertainers play requests from all generations and the entire bar can be heard belting out the chorus to top hits.

The Jive & Wail has made its reputation by bringing in players who know exactly the songs you want to hear… Things you never imagined you’d hear live – and rocking on a piano – from rap to rock, country to pop – we make sure to bring in a wide variety of talent.

At The Jive & Wail, our talented professional piano players take the stage on 2 baby grand pianos to start the show.

BandonStageThey are often joined by a drummer, guitarists, an occasional DJ, and/or other guest musicians depending on the night!

Many of our players also will pull out a harmonica when appropriate, or jump seamlessly back and forth between instruments!

 The Jive & Wail is “Always Different, Always Fun.”

Not only are the performers constantly changing – the crowd is always different too.  You never know what you’ll see next!

“The Call Down” explained:

IMG_1064Throughout the night, anyone can write a song request and ask that a special-someone be brought onto stage for a little light-hearted fun – this is known as “the call down”.

Whether celebrating a Bachelorette‘s last night on the town, or a Milestone Birthday – our piano players make sure that the guest of honor is recognized as only they can do!

Audience participation is also expected and encouraged.  Sing-along, clap-along and choose the songs!  If you really want to hear your favorite, a tip to the piano players has been known to catch their eyes quite well.

You can even tip the piano players to STOP playing anything and start playing your request immediately!  (But, don’t be upset if you start a bidding war.)

All-in-all, a night at The Jive & Wail becomes a memorable event – for any occasion.

Even if you’re just in awe of the action!

Address & Hours

Now Open:
Thurday - Saturday
5:00p.m. to 1:30a.m.

621 Westport Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63146

(314) 781-7000